Ascongi is the Association that gathers the construction companies of Gipuzkoa, an association that represents serious and committed companies with the aim of helping to build welfare and progress in our territory.


We are 87 companies dedicated to the construction, promotion or rehabilitation, that under principles of social commitment, professionalism, vocation of permanence and safety at work, we have participated in the execution of many small and large works that have made Gipuzkoa a better place for its residents.

We are an important part of a sector which, through its 7,237 companies, employs 16,500 people and represents 6.2% of the GDP.


1. To ensure the correct and orderly operation of the construction activity in Gipuzkoa.


2. To bring together the main concerns of the sector in order to continue improving capacities and thus be able to respond to the present and future challenges that arise in our territory.


 3. To look after the interests of the associated companies and provide services to them.

Associated Companies

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